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The Skinny Mirror : The Shift in Perspective (and Priorities)

The Top 5 Reasons why I decided to stop making The Skinny Mirror 1. The product works really well, too well. It works both at home and in commercial applications. Basically, the mirror taught me to fuc* what anyone else thinks about you. If you can look in the mirror and convince yourself that you [...]

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Your Reflection – All Mirrors are NOT Created Equally

Proof that you do look different in every mirror. What you see when you look in the mirror, is not necessarily what you look like. Retailers have been using tiny tricks to for decades to make you look as good as possible - lighting, tilting mirrors, and color schemes. Just look at this side by [...]

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What ABC Didn’t Air – The Skinny Mirror on Shark Tank

What They Didn't Show You on Shark Tank. UPDATE: 01/01/2016 HAPPY NEW YEAR! By Belinda Jasmine-Bertzfield It was awesome getting all that exposure, but there are a couple key facts they did not air about The Skinny Mirror on Shark Tank. We felt it was important to post these facts about our company because [...]

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The Fitting Room Mirror That Will MAKE Your Sale

The Skinny Mirror Fitting Room Mirror Increases Sales and Customer's Self-Esteem. For some time now, only a few retailers have caught on to the impact of "skinny" mirrors. Others have left it up to chance to how their fitting room mirror affects their customer shopping experience. Many shoppers have even dreaded dressing rooms because they [...]

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The Skinny Mirror in Retail Stores

MARKET STUDY OF THE SKINNY MIRROR: CUSTOMER PSYCHOLOGY & SHOPPING BEHAVIOR Related Articles: Read The Truth and Why The Skinny Mirror Works A recent double blind market study was conducted with 86 women in a popular underwear retailer which compared the effect a normal mirror and The Skinny Mirror© has on female consumer perception, attitude, and [...]

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Watch The Skinny Mirror on Shark Tank, Friday October 23

What they didn't broadcast on Shark Tank. UPDATE: 10/24/2015 It was awesome getting all that exposure, but there are a couple key facts they did not broadcast on Shark Tank. Don't believe everything you see on TV, as it's all altered for mass viewing. We felt it was important to post these facts because we feel [...]

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The Message Locked in The Skinny Mirror – You are Beautiful

You Are Beautiful. When was the last time someone told you "You Are Beautiful."? Every mirror comes with the message inside that "You are Beautiful" - just as you are. There's a much deeper reason why The Skinny Mirror works. The Skinny Mirror shows you that YOU can CHOOSE how to feel about your body and your Self. How?  First, we need [...]

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The Beauty of Self-Love

What is love, really? We’ve all used the word “love” to describe a variety of positive emotions that we experience throughout our lives and on a daily basis. We use it to express affection to another human being, when talking about a delicious meal, describing a passionate hobby, a favorite sweater, or a dream car. [...]

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California Start-Up Launches “I Am Beautiful” Crowdfunding Campaign to Promote Self-Love

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE California Start-Up Launches “I Am Beautiful” Crowdfunding Campaign to Promote Self-Love Sand City, CA | March 3, 2015 - The Skinny Mirror forges a way to promote self-love and empowerment through personal reflection. This new start-up has come to Kickstarter to help to raise capital to continue their mission to inspire the beauty [...]

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Love Your Body – Love Your Self

Whenever Valentine's Day approaches, the idea of LOVE  comes in and out of our minds more often than any other time of the year. The word LOVE itself holds different meanings and may bring up a range of emotions for every one of us. For some, it is something longed for, foolish and unattainable, or a doorway to a range of hurtful emotions. But more often we [...]

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