The Skinny Mirror Preview Party

We Show Our Colors at The Skinny Mirror Preview Party We teamed up with Ocean Woodworks for their 10 Year Anniversary Ribbon Cutting in our first preview party. We were happy to show our colors and compliment the crowd. We would also like to thank every one for supporting The Skinny Mirror at this great event. [...]

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The Skinny Mirror : Feeling Good is Looking Good

Make a lasting impression with your true beauty. We all have had those days where we feel great and then those other days we don't feel so hot. There are many factors that can affect how we feel about ourselves, some biological, environmental, emotional, and the list goes on. However, true beauty is not a [...]

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The Skinny Mirror for Your Business

The Skinny Mirror : Every little bit helps. Whether you are in the business of retail, real estate, food and beverage, weight loss, or beauty, The Skinny Mirror™ will help you create an environment where your customers and clients will feel good. HOTELS Create an environment where your guests feel good with The Skinny Mirror™ [...]

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The Skinny Mirror : Urban Exotics

The Skinny Mirror Urban Exotic collection features beautiful wood species grown in urban areas. Sticking to our eco-friendly philosophy creates some difficulty with exotic wood. Since urban grown lumber is limited in quantity, each piece of wood needs to be carefully hand selected by our experts, giving you the most beautiful, rare, and natural finished product. The [...]

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Hotels and Skinny Mirrors

We recently received a call from a customer about her trip to Vegas. She swore the hotel she stayed at was full of skinny mirrors and commented on how good she felt every time she walked by one of them. She also mentioned how much she loved that hotel and can't wait to go back. [...]

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The Skinny Mirror Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to the winner of our first The Skinny Mirror Giveaway! Be sure to connect with The Skinny Mirror on facebook to hear about upcoming specials and contests!

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The Skinny Mirror Official Stamp

If you think it could be a Skinny Mirror, it just might be! We decided that there was a need to brand The Skinny Mirror™ so the onlooker will know without a doubt, that it's a skinny mirror. For years now, some retailers have been using make-shift mirrors in dressing rooms to "trick" customers into [...]

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The Skinny Mirror – A Great Weight Loss Tool

We have been receiving great skinny mirror reviews from those who have been using The Skinny Mirror™ in their homes. Some say that it makes them "feel amazing" and that their mirror "compliments" them every time they look in it. Others claim that The Skinny Mirror™ has helped them lose weight by keeping them motivated to [...]

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Skinny Mirrors vs. Fat Mirrors

The makers of The Skinny Mirror knows about fat mirrors having experienced them personally. If you feel like you're doing all you can to be healthy and lose that excess fat, but look in the mirror and see no visible signs of progress, you might be the victim of a fat mirror. Fat mirrors are [...]

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We’ve Launched Our Etsy Shop

Our official online shop will be launching some time in mid January 2013. In the meantime, you are welcome to place an order on The Skinny Mirror Etsy Shop using this coupon code ETSY20  at checkout for your 20% discount. Be sure to share this offer with your friends and family!  

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