Proof that you do look different in every mirror.

What you see when you look in the mirror, is not necessarily what you look like. Retailers have been using tiny tricks to for decades to make you look as good as possible – lighting, tilting mirrors, and color schemes. Just look at this side by side comparison Amanda Patell did for the Daily Mail. This article about fitting room mirrors shows how investment in mirrors can really pay off.

Dressing Room Mirror H&M
Fitting Room Mirror
Fitting Room Mirror

The Skinny Mirror and why it gives you a truer, more flattering reflection.

Since lighting has a huge influence on what we see in the mirror, unwanted shadows can create lumps and bumps in all the wrong places unless your dressing room is specifically designed with this in mind. A “traditional” mirror disperses light and flattens you out (much like a camera does)  and adds up to 10 lbs to your reflection. The Skinny Mirror’s proprietary curve captures and focuses light, giving you a more defined, truer reflection. This makes The Skinny Mirror ideal in any environment where a mirror is needed.  Market studies show that women who looked in The Skinny Mirror saw themselves closer to their “actual” life size as opposed to a “traditional” mirror where women believed they were 2-3 sizes larger than they were.

The Skinny Mirror Science

Market Research: What The Skinny Mirror can do for you.

The Skinny Mirror gives you a flattering, more accurate reflection. This is the only “designer” mirror on the market made to make you feel beautiful. It has been proven to increase confidence, give women an improved attitude about their bodies (without making them believe they are thinner than they are) by offering them a truer reflection. In a retail dressing room setting, customers purchased 18.2% more clothing simple because they felt better about what they saw in the mirror.

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