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fitting room mirrorsCommercial Fitting Room Mirror Solutions

The Skinny Mirror is an ideal solution for fitting room mirrors. The subtle, yet believable, slimming reflection will improve the attitude of your customers self-image, body image, and purchasing behavior, increasing overall sales. We offer a variety of frame finishes to suit your dressing room environment.

Why it is Vital to Have Good Fitting Room Mirrors

The fitting room is usually where the consumer makes their final evaluation about the products while assessing personal appearance, and finally deciding whether or not to purchase the garment.

A recent study in Sweden of 86 women conducted in a popular underwear retailer compared the effect a normal mirror and The Skinny Mirror has on female consumer perception, attitude, and shopping behavior. Results conclude that businesses unknowingly lose up to 20% of their sales  (1 out of 5) because their mirrors are distorted in an unflattering way. The study also revealed that applying The Skinny Mirror in fitting rooms did not lead to body-image size distortion because most women believe they are larger than they actually are. As a result, the customer was happier with themselves which made for a more positive shopping experience. (To read the full press release about the study, click here : The Body Image Reflection – How The Skinny Mirror Influences Women’s Fitting Room Experience.)

fitting room mirrors

fitting room mirrors

Metal Frames Selection

We now offer a variety of metal frames and finishes ideal for commercial application. We have over 18 colors to choose from to meet your design needs. Customization is also available.

Aluminum Frame Options

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