Because Every little bit helps…

The Skinny Mirror™ will help you create a business environment where your clients, customers, and guests will feel good in your establishment. The Skinny Mirror will offer your customers a flattering reflection, giving them a little boost in the way they look and feel. The Skinny Mirror™ compliments every onlooker whether they know it or not, boosting confidence and improving self image.

The Skinny Mirror Features

Always Flattering
The Skinny Mirror™ patent pending design features the same precise curve across all models to give you our consistent, flattering reflection.

Thoughtfully Designed
The Skinny Mirror™ simple frame designs are contemporary, modern, and classic, making it a perfect accent to any decor.

Design Your Own
We offer custom designs so that The Skinny Mirror™ will fit perfectly in your establishment. Select your color, wood type, size and frame style.

Strong & Durable
Quality constructed out of solid wood, special care is taken to make sure your finished product is a beautiful, lasting furniture piece requiring minimal care.

All of our frames are made of FSC Certified, salvaged, or reclaimed wood and our paints and stains, non-toxic.

Made in the USA
All of our components are made and assembled here in the United States.



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