Custom Skinny Mirrors

Design The Skinny Mirror™ for your home or business. Choose from style preference, color, stain, or design* to match your home or business. We will design and craft a custom size for you up to 8 ft tall to fit perfectly in your space. Discounts are available in quantities of 5 or more. Prices start at $295.

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Wood Species (If requesting a quote for metal frames, please visit this page.)
FSC Pine ($)Douglas Fir ($)Redwood ($$)Maple ($$)Walnut ($$$)Cypress ($$$)Oak ($$$)Birch ($$$)Other (please specify)

Wood Species
FSC Pine ($)Douglas Fir ($)Redwood ($$)Maple ($$)Walnut ($$$)Cypress ($$$)Oak ($$$)Birch ($$$)Other (please specify)

Frame Finish
Bare Naked (raw, no stain)Polished (clear or color stain)Painted (available colors)Other (please specify)

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Custom Skinny Mirrors


Create an environment where your guests feel good with The Skinny Mirror™ and get more return visits.   Don’t leave it up to chance for the mirrors in your rooms to negatively affect the way your guests look and feel about themselves during their stay.



Sell more product whether it be jewelry, clothing, cosmetics or shoes with The Skinny Mirror™. If your customers feel and look good in your store, they will shop and buy more.



Clients will walk out the door feeling lighter and sexier after their next appointment. As experts in the industry of helping people feel good and look their best, The Skinny Mirror™ will contribute to the overall feeling of well being in your clients.



There’s nothing like positive encouragement to help you stick to your health plan. The Skinny Mirror™ helps motivate your members and patients with a positive and realistic weight goal by allowing them to see weight loss results before they happen.

Because every little bit helps…

Whether you are in the business of retail sales, real estate, food and beverage, weight loss, or beauty, The Skinny Mirror™ will help you create an environment where your customers and clients will feel good.

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