We recently received a call from a customer about her trip to Vegas. She swore the hotel she stayed at was full of skinny mirrors and commented on how good she felt every time she walked by one of them. She also mentioned how much she loved that hotel and can’t wait to go back. This sparked her Google search for a skinny mirror and brought her to us!

Why even mention this? It reminded me of a thought I had last week about how much I missed my Skinny Mirror when I was on my last trip to Southern California. I stayed at my usual 2 star accommodations. It’s not the nicest hotel, but it’s within walking distance to one of my favorite surf spots, which makes it the best choice for me. Getting dressed to go out,  I walked over to the full length mirror in the corner  to take one last look before leaving.

I looked at myself and at first thought, “Hmmm I’m looking a little bloated today, what’s up with that?”.

Since The Skinny Mirror, I am skeptical of all mirrors so I take the time to scrutinize a lot of them. On closer examination, it had all the characteristics of an “unflattering” mirror: the cheap plastic gold frame, they way it was drilled into the wall, and the real tell-tell sign was my side profile . Whoever hung this thing did not take the care to avoid distortion which gives the onlooker a shorter, wider reflection. It was really obvious when you looked at the side profile.

I felt little better knowing I could blame the hotel mirror and wished I was getting dressed in front of  The Skinny Mirror. My next thought was, “How horrible would it be if hotels had unflattering mirrors that made their guests feel 10lbs heavier on vacation!” Most people would never know why they feel like they’ve gained poundage on vacation, but it could be the mirror! We have a solution for that: The Skinny Mirror!

If you are a hotel, inn or motel, interested in having The Skinny Mirror in your hotel, please send us a request. We make custom mirrors to fit your style and decor and offer discounts on quantities.