The Skinny Mirror Fitting Room Mirror Increases Sales and Customer’s Self-Esteem.

For some time now, only a few retailers have caught on to the impact of “skinny” mirrors. Others have left it up to chance to how their fitting room mirror affects their customer shopping experience. Many shoppers have even dreaded dressing rooms because they have felt that the mirrors make them look fat, which not only affects their buying decisions, but can also give them a negative feeling about how they look when they leave your store. Just Google “dressing room mirrors” and you can read all the horror stories.

Fitting Room Mirror

As a store owner, you may spend thousands of dollars on product stock and decor to entice your customers to shop longer and buy more. Some corporate retailers have spent millions in market research to determine which aromas, colors and music stimulate purchases. All of these factors affect how your customers feel in your store and how they will feel when they leave your store.

One factor store owners overlook is the fitting room mirror. Did you know that even the slightest distortion can add weight to the reflection? The Skinny Mirror designs the fitting room mirror with a intended distortion, proving to reflect a “truer” image.

$$$ The Fitting Room Mirror: A Big Return on Your Investment $$$

Our mirrors are worth the investment. Think about this scenario: If The Skinny Mirror helps you sell one article of clothing each day valued at $50 — this totals $18,250 a year, and $91,250 over 5 years!. The Skinny Mirror is a sales tool that will help you sell more product.


A recent study in Sweden of 86 women conducted in a popular underwear retailer compared the effect a normal mirror and The Skinny Mirror© has on female consumer perception, attitude, and shopping behavior. The result…

Increase fitting room mirror sales by 18.2%

Customers exposed to The Skinny Mirror© in the dressing room purchased on average 18.2% more of the items tried on.

fitting room mirror makes happier customers

Women who were exposed to The Skinny Mirror© in a fitting room were more comfortable and had a more positive attitude toward toward their bodies in the fitting room than those who used the regular mirror. on.

fitting room mirror improves body image

The gap between their actual body and the body they would like to have was also smaller in The Skinny Mirror©, implying that they had less body dissatisfaction when trying on clothes.

fitting room mirror proves a more accurate reflection

Women who had been exposed to The Skinny Mirror did not believe that they were more “skinny” than they really were. The Skinny Mirror© did not lead to body size distortion because most women believe they are 2-3 sizes larger than they are.

About The Skinny Mirror Fitting Room Mirror

One of our main philosophies is to make the person looking in the mirror feel good.  The difference in reflection is so subtle, most people cannot even tell it’s a “skinny” mirror. If you think you might be looking in one of our mirrors, you can always check the bottom right corner for our official mark.

If you are an individual and would like to experience the benefits of  The Skinny Mirror in the privacy of your own home, visit our online shop.

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