What They Didn’t Show You on Shark Tank.

By Belinda Jasmine-Bertzfield

It was awesome getting all that exposure, but there are a couple key facts they did not air about The Skinny Mirror on Shark Tank. We felt it was important to post these facts about our company because we feel our brand was highly misrepresented and misunderstood for mass public viewing by the way they edited it.

FACT 1: The initial market was for women at home. 

The Skinny Mirror was first designed for the individual for personal use. Retailers began purchasing the mirrors for their stores and this is why we decided to put the logo on the front of the mirror. It was our way of avoiding any misuse to deceive customers.

FACT 2: Most of the mirrors sold were to individuals. 

Over half of the total sales have been to individuals and homes, not just to retailers.

FACT 3: It’s not a “Lie”

This was Kevin’s argument – who by the way was too afraid to look at himself in the mirror. The truth is, we lie to ourselves every day without a second thought when we tell ourselves “I’m not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, skinny enough”. Read this article – The Truth and Why The Skinny Mirror Works.

FACT 4: The 10 Day Challenge

Every consumer model comes with the 10 Day Exercise Challenge. The Challenge includes 10-60 second daily affirmations to do in the mirror on how to appreciate your body. These exercises have nothing to do with your weight or size.

FACT 5: The Skinny Mirror helps women to break free of the media ideals and learn to love the body they have

The Skinny Mirror was designed to help women break free of the media ideals. The logo itself was designed as an honest representation as to the ideal media has set for all of us. Even I have struggled with this ideal most of my life. The Skinny Mirror customers testify to the benefits of using the mirror, from weight loss without diet or drugs, to finding the love of their life (It’s the power of your mind and all in how you see yourself).

FACT 6: We work our butts off

We (my husband and I) are still hand making all of these mirrors in-house with love. We do all the prototyping, marketing, packaging, and shipping. Since the show aired in October, we are lining up  manufacturers and licensing to increase production.

FACT 7: We love life and embrace everything that’s thrown at us

We live an active life spending most of our free time in the outdoors surfing, fishing, traveling, and backpacking. We have Briar Kitty (aka FAT CAT), that breaks all kitty stereotypes who travels with us everywhere, even into the wilderness – just check Briar Kitty’s Facebook Page!

What’s really going on here? Why Mark sees no difference in Lori’s reflection.

Lori says, “I LIKE THIS MIRROR”. 
Mark says, “You look the same!”
Lori says, “I’m definitely thinner.”

Nothing has physically changed about Lori, except how she sees herself in The Skinny Mirror. Mark sees no difference because The Skinny Mirror actually shows you a more accurate reflection of what you look like to everyone else. While normal mirrors flatten you out like a photograph or film, The Skinny Mirror adds contour to your reflection, giving you the illusion of being in the 3D world.

Read the Full Testimonials

“Every woman should have one!”

-Salma from Salinas, CA

“It makes me look amazing! I love it!”

-Torun from Norway

“I’ve already lost 5 pounds, and I’ve had it less than a month.”

Wendy, Massage Therapist

“AMAZING Mirror!!!”

-Michelle from California

“I love the way I look and feel in The Skinny Mirror.”

-Shelia from Nevada

“Since the mirror has gone up, my weight has gone down!”

-Adrienne, Pet Therapist

“After two months, I lost 15 lbs in 2 months without dieting!”

-Luna from California

“Boost of self confidence, check!!!”

-LaShauna, Life Coach

“When I saw that I was skinnier I gained confidence and kept with it and started exercising more.”

-Emma Smith

Hoda and Jenna from the Today Show are fans of The Skinny Mirror

Watch Hoda’s and Jenna’s reaction to The Skinny Mirror once she saw herself in it. Remember, the camera (and normal mirrors) add 10 lbs to your figure.

Watch The Skinny Mirror on Shark Tank, Friday October 23, 9-10PM EST/PST.

SHARK TANK – “Episode 705” – In one of the most exciting moments of “Shark Tank” history, the ante is upped when the Sharks start to bid OVER the asking price for one product and the million dollar offers start to fly. But will greed burst the bubble before a deal is set? Another pitch prompts a brutal brush-off from an irate Shark. Two parents from Salem, Massachusetts pitch their novel idea for managing Trick-or-Treaters’ excess candy with a children’s book and gifts; two men from Pacific Palisades, California tout their premium beef jerky made from filet mignon which has the Sharks swooning over the taste and the price point; a woman from Sand City, California pitches The Skinny Mirror on Shark Tank, a full-length mirror designed to build self-esteem, and two men from Sandpoint, Idaho claim they have redefined drones with inventions that fly up to 60 mph and as high as 10,000 feet. In addition, in a follow-up on the NYC-based Bantam Bagels, the company in which Lori Grenier invested last season, we see how their unique stuffed bagels fare when given a national stage, on “Shark Tank,” FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23 (9:00-10:01 p.m. ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Michael Desmond)