The Story Behind The Skinny Mirror®

From the Inventor, Belinda Jasmine

Thanks for checking us out. With all the controversy stirring out there, I wanted to share my personal story with you.

The Skinny Mirror® came about because I had been tortured by an old mirror that I found in the attic which made me look 5-10 lbs heavier and 2-3 inches shorter.  I used this mirror for three years. I had no idea it was distorting my image and negatively affecting how I felt about my body. Feeling unsure about my weight, even though I am a slim and athletic size 2, I started to ask my friends, “Do I look fat? Because I feel fat”. The strange thing was my clothes fit the same and I weighed the same. Even though my friends would tell me I was “skinny”, I was not accepting that truth for myself. I just couldn’t see it.  Trying real hard to come to grips and accept my distorted reflection, I had never been this concerned and disappointed with my body.

One day, a friend came over and looked at her reflection in my mirror. Gasping, she said, “THAT IS A BAD MIRROR! That mirror totally adds weight to your reflection!”. At that moment it clicked. “It’s the MIRROR! How could a mirror affect how I feel about my body?”. I examined the mirror closely and saw how the old warped frame distorted the glass. I immediately wanted a mirror that made me look “skinnier”. For days I looked for a slimming mirror all over the internet and in stores with no success. Disappointment then turned into an idea – a passionate idea that I believed would help a lot of people feel better about their bodies and their selves – just like it did for me. And so The Skinny Mirror journey began.

When I first saw my reflection in The Skinny Mirror prototype, I felt a surge of energy. The slimming effect was subtle, but most importantly, it was believable. I stood up taller, felt more attractive, and all the areas of concern with my body that I had before didn’t exist anymore. For the first time in a long time, I actually liked what I saw in the mirror.

I used the prototype for months and could see and feel the difference in my body and my attitude towards my body. I started to really appreciate and love my body. My mirror taught me it is the image we hold of ourselves that affects everything in our lives – our work, goals, relationships. Even though I haven’t physically changed at all, I could change how I saw myself. I had a choice to either love and appreciate my body or be unhappy with it. And you can too.

Embrace yourself. You are beautiful.

Thank you for reading.


Belinda Jasmine
Founder, The Skinny Mirror