You Are Beautiful.

When was the last time someone told you “You Are Beautiful.”? Every mirror comes with the message inside that “You are Beautiful” – just as you are. There’s a much deeper reason why The Skinny Mirror works. The Skinny Mirror shows you that YOU can CHOOSE how to feel about your body and your Self. How?  First, we need to take a step back and really think about what we tell ourselves when we look in the mirror.

“The Skinny Mirror hits right at the heart of our culture’s desire to be “skinny”. If we all did not subconsciously believe we need to be thinner, there would be no need for The Skinny Mirror, and no controversy. ” – Belinda

The message inside The Skinny Mirror

Lies We Tell Ourselves

“I’m not good enough.”
“I’m not pretty enough.”
“I’m not smart enough.”
“I’m not skinny enough.”

These are just some of the lies we tell ourselves on a daily basis. This inner dialogue may lie deeper than we think. Every time we look in the mirror and criticize our bodies we are telling ourselves that we are not happy with ourselves. We live in a culture where the media (magazines, TV, movies, advertising) defines our concept of beauty from a very young age. Standard beauty, according to these ideals, often equates women to be 6 feet tall and 110 lbs, have flawlessly smooth skin, or have a bombshell figure to be sexy. Advertising for designer clothing, lingerie, cosmetics and other beauty products, also contribute to this unrealistic definition of beauty. Each ad is painstakingly photoshopped, and then reproduced on millions of pages and broadcasted on millions of TVs. All these images don’t make it easy for us to love our bodies. Unless you are aware of the alterations and the subliminal messaging they are broadcasting to get you to buy their products, just seeing these images will lead you to believe that you need to look like these people to be beautiful, accepted, and loved. This leads women and young girls to believe that they need look to a certain way to be happy, resulting in them taking extreme measures to attain that perceived happiness.

An example of how images in the media are altered in Photoshop.
Popular fashion magazines.

We are All Affected by the Mass Imagery.

In 2014,  up to 30 million people in America of all ages and genders suffer from an eating disorder (anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder)*. It affects all social classes, races, and genders. Some go to great lengths to alter our physical appearance: we wear makeup, get plastic surgery, extreme diet, have spa treatments, buy expensive clothing, wear high heels, dye our hair, all in an effort to look and feel better about ourselves. These superficial things may help temporarily, but it’s important to remember they are superficial—at the surface level of appearance. Much more crucial to our overall well-being is how we feel about ourselves, on the inside, what images of ourselves we hold in our minds.

True beauty is not what you look like, the make-up on your face, or the clothes you wear. It is a characteristic of who you are as a person. Confidence is sexy and a person who feels good about themselves projects comfort and inner beauty, making them more attractive to the world around them.

The Skinny Mirror 10 Day Exercise Challenge

The Skinny Mirror and the 10 Day Exercise Challenge

Learn how The Skinny Mirror can combat the negative effects of this unrealistic portrait. Take the 10 Day Exercise Challenge and rediscover your amazing body. We offer a full refund (including shipping) if you take the challenge The Skinny Mirror doesn’t help you feel better about your body. Embrace yourself. And while you’re enjoying The Skinny Mirror, you can feel good about our business practices. See more about this on our Philosophy page. People who have lived, dressed, and danced in The Skinny Mirror for a month or longer claim that it makes them feel good, motivates them to exercise and eat healthy, and other say it makes them feel sexy. Try one and see for yourself.